Masonry Experts You Can Rely On

Regardless of your needs, count on the experts from Pro Touch Masonry & Paving to take care of you. We do everything from weatherproofing to brick repointing: Veneer stone, Repair and maintenance, French drains, Brick repointing, Retaining walls, Stone walls, Fireplaces, Stucco, Fire pits, Weatherproofing
Outdoor kitchens.

Boston Residential Masonry Contractor

We will configure and install residential masonry work in Boston, including walking sidewalks, walls, patios, porches and bricks. We’ll help you layout your masonry project to suit your current home or a new model.

Our Masonry Contractors are a progressive division, with an excellent management and construction team. We dedicate ourselves to producing a quality product.

We are bricklayer professionals who work diligently to meet our clients’ and their projects ‘ requirements and challenges.

We can model walkways and walls to prevent problems with air, maintain banks and add comfort and elegance to your home. For addition to existing surfaces, we add stone façades.

Commercial Masonry Services in Boston

We provide personalized design and construction of commercial masonry works in Bomston MA, including walkways, retaining walls, stairs and stone or brick. We will help you to design your masonry project to suit your existing commercial facility in Massachusetts.

We are bricklayers, stonemasons and restaurant professionals who work diligently to fulfill our clients ‘ and project needs and challenges.

RBL Masonry has years of brick and stone practice. We can model walkways and walls to avoid problems with water, maintain banks and add elegance and comfort to your building. In addition, we apply stone façades to existing surfaces.