Boston Patios

Boston Patio Design & Installation

Your courtyard can be made of various materials, carefully selected to meet your dream, design and installation requirements. Various options include: Concrete Paving Stone, Natural Stone(Bluestone, Granite, Travertine, Brownstone, Recovered Granite / Rock, Flagstone, Brick) The style can be decided by the layout or the landscape of your courtyard when you look into the patio. When we remove an existing deck, an elevated patio is often the alternative where a wall is constructed and an elevated patio is added.


If you have an area that is not flat and has gradual slopes, the back courtyard may benefit from a patio with retaining walls, which double as sitting walls.

One alternative to an area of uneven ground is a multi-level patio. This is an excellent way to create various areas in your outdoor space.

The patios can be constructed with straight lines or angled curves or curves. It all depends on our customers ‘ dream.

What material options do I have for my patio?

  • Fireplaces
  • Water Features
  • Concrete Wall Stone
  • Natural Patio Stone
  • Concrete Paving Stones
  • Natural Wall Stone
  • Thin Veneer Stone
  • Fire Pits

Will you design my custom patio as well as install it?

Sure, we will design and install your outdoor living room. Either we build the model or you employ a landscape architect, we can save you time and money from the very start of your project.