Boston Retaining Wall

Boston Retaining Wall
Design and Installation 

When most people think of a retaining wall, they think of a big wall that holds a lot of earth back. While this is a retaining wall’s function, we like to think a bit differently about it. For us, creating more functional space in your yard is a retaining wall. Whether it’s in your backyard, along your driveway, or along the street in front of your house, a retaining wall allows you to make the most of your space.

If you’re building a house or buying a sloping yard house, the perfect solution for creating a flat and more usable space is a retaining wall.

Do I need a building permit to go to my wall of retention?


The Boston Regulations Code states that all holding walls over 4 feet in height require a permit. A wall’s height is determined from the wall block’s lower course to the wall’s finished height.

What is the design and construction process for my custom retention wall?


A free on-site consultation is the first step in designing and building your custom retaining wall. We’ll go over the general layout you want for your retaining wall and how your yard will be improved by a retaining wall. We can then send you an estimate of the cost of your new wall after taking detailed measurements and having an idea of what materials you would like to use.

If the wall height needs an engineer to create a plan, it will have to be done before we continue with product selection and final design.

We will identify the site ahead of time after we have selected the product and a definite model.

The next step is to install the wall in accordance with the requirements and eventually clean it up before we leave your place.

Commercial Retaining Walls

Commercial retaining walls are generally larger and constructed by an engineer / architect at all times. In a commercial application, they often use a lot of different wall blocks than in someone’s backyard. These projects require larger machinery and we are unique in our ability to handle this, as we own 2 full-size excavators and trucks with three axles.

Residential Retaining Wall

Generally residential retaining walls are smaller than commercial projects and are designed to create more usable space in the yard. To order to create a wider living space, a residential retaining wall can be used to create an elevated patio or push back a slope. Looking at the environment around the wall and how you can maximize the space is the key to creating a better living space as opposed to simply building a wall when designing any retaining wall.

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