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Regardless of whether you need new steps to be built or simply restored to the current ones, Pro Touch Masonry & Paving experts can do it for you. We are sure that our hard work and commitment to work will impress you.

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Stone Stairs Boston MA

Stone stairs can complement your home, business or landscape from Boston MA. Converse with the experts at Pro Touch Masonry & Paving to help create appealing and cost-effective stairs for generations.

Naturally resistant to weather, low maintenance and elegant stone stairs provide some advantages over other construction materials. Rock never redden, break or need to be refinished like wood; rock is resistant to cracking and absorption of water, as opposed to concrete. Unable to de-icing chemicals and freeze / thaw cycles, stone is suitable for harsh Winters in the Worcester area.


With more than 10 years of experience in the masonry industry, Pro Touch Masonry & Paving will assist you in the design and construction of the ideal stone steps for your spot. Whether you prefer bluestone, patterned stone or rustic granite plates, we will find the right material to accentuate your location. We can also consult with you on everything from the basic front steps to a retaining wall staircase to a basement garden refuge.

Our masons have the expertise and the ability to help you to realize your dream. In the meantime, the personal attention of owner Francis to every project ensures that your stone stairs meet your budget and requirements. Call Pro Touch Masonry & Paving today for a free estimate on your stone stair plan in Central Massachusetts.