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Poured Concrete


While less expensive and easier to install than other alternatives, the concrete is prone to cracking and heating and in the future may need repairs or replacements. While a concrete slab is more economical up front, maintenance and/or replacement long-term costs will almost always outweigh initial savings.




Offering superior strength and durability to poured concrete, concrete paving stones. These are four times stronger than a concrete slab and because of the earth’s flexing and settling these won’t break. If the ground settles or moves, pavers can simply be pulled up, the ground leveled, and the pavers restored. Most pavers come with a lifetime warranty if installed correctly.




Brick pavers in design and layout are very similar to concrete pavers. The brick materials and labor are slightly more expensive and more likely to be chipped or broken. A properly installed brick walkway is going to last a lifetime, however.


Natural Stone


The natural stone is eternal and majestic. Materials and labor costs make natural stone the most expensive option for your new walkway, but this alternative will look great and last for a long time to come.


Commercial Walkways


A commercial walkway is essentially a walkway built on a commercial property or on a street or parking lot. While these walkways have certain needs to be met, they serve the same purpose as a walkway that you would have installed at home. Often these walkways are built with poured concrete. If you have a commercial space and are searching for a walkway to be built, we advise you to contact us and arrange a concrete paver walkway.


Residential walkways


A walkway is simply a way to connect different living spaces in your yard or to turn you and your visitors into different areas of your outdoor space. Looking for a lot of foot traffic away from your lawn? The way to do that is a walkway. Whether you are going from your driveway to the front door, from the house to your patio, or from the patio to the pool area, residential walkways do not have the same specifications as commercial walkways, over the years we have noticed that a walkway length of at least 48 “is suitable for building a practical, usable walkway.


Materials that are available:

  • Natural Stone
  • Flagstone
  • Brick
  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Brownstone
  • Concrete Paving Stones
  • Reclaimed Granite/Stone


Walkway designs:


If you look at the design and layout of your walkway, there are a number of options for how you can create your walkway. Walkways can be built as a curving path or all lines and angles can be held straight. To fulfill your existing steps or patio space, your walkway may flare out. If your land is uneven, steps must be included in the design. These are all design ideas and options that we will discuss as we develop your custom walkway with you.

Beautiful Walkways Boston

What if it’s uneven in my land?


When the land is rough, steps and walls may need to be added to suit the current conditions. When we do our first on-site briefing, we will discuss this with you.


What is the method to build our custom walkway?


We will start with an on-site meeting, as with every project, to go through your vision and objectives for your walkway. To make it work best for your needs, your walkway needs to be designed for your lifestyle. We will take measurements and pictures of where you want the walkway to be built and we will work with you on a model.

Once we’ve completed your walkway design and checked some ideas for the materials you’d like to use, we’re going to visit a local supply yard with you to go through all your product options and make sure you pick exactly what you need for your venture.

The next step is to mark your walkway before construction so you can see how it’s going to be laid out and then we’ll design your walkway. The area will be left dry and tidy when we’re done and your walkway will be ready for use. As always, as a finishing touch, we scatter soil and seed across any disturbed areas and the edges of your new walkway.


Do I need a construction permit to build my custom walkway?


There is no need for a building permit when constructing your custom walkway. Nonetheless, it is wise to check with the association of your homeowners because they may have to follow certain rules or guidelines.


Are you going to design and mount my walkway?

Yes, we’re going to design and install your outdoor living space. If we build the layout or you are hiring a landscape architect, we can save you time and money by partnering with you from the beginning stages of your plan.